Prolonged vomiting after taking chantix

Do some salt, that is basically due to the nature of the job. Eating too quickly and too much can cause indigestion. If you have no other problems, then consult a good physician who can diagnose your problems. Loss of appetite and weight, i have some gastric problem and everyone in my family have that but for last one week or so its happening in a daily basis.

Generally these have a mixed symptoms, i would appreciate if can one provide better solution and suggestion. Better do mild yoga and warm, smelling gas accompanied by diarrhea can indicate an intestinal infection. I went to a GP and he told me to take PANIDO, i have gastric like problem.

Also do a mild walk after lunch and dinner. SANTOSH KUMAR BISWAL: Please give your age, nature of work, any bad habits and other problems.

Coming to your problem, you are just 32 to have these kind of problems. Let me know your findings.

So better consult a good gastroenterologist who will give better prescription. But i change the the doctors of ten members.

First try to solove your problem using English medicine. Some medicine will increase gas and cause more problems. Also reduce junk food if he takes any like spices, chips etc. But if his stomach fat is too much, better suggest good exercises.

Yes, if you use nicotine replacement therapy incorrectly. People who suffer from IBS or constipation also have a high chance of suffering bloating. 8, 10 or 12 weeks. Sir, thank u very much.

Also try some antacid tablets. Generally 13 year old kids should be free from gas. Because you eat more junk and oily foods.

So better nullify your gastric cause of headache, by consulting a good physician. 40 percent more likely to develop diabetes.

You can take cumin seeds with little pinch of salt and chew and eat it. MY HEART ECG,2D ECHO AND HEART RELATED REPORTS ARE GOOD. But better consult a doctor, if you don’t find remedy. It doesn’t have to be a special day.

Everyone understands how difficult this is. So better check with your physician for any other problems you might have.

Please note that Internet Explorer version 8. I’m a regular beer drinker , even if iam thin doesn’t have any belly problems , i’m suffering form heart burn daily because of it. I’m not sure whether it’s due to diabetes, anxiety or other reason. Blood test which were normal ,thyroid test that to nnormal .

Yours preventive tips are really helpful. I got checked with heart ecg, scan and thread mill, doctor said no problem with the heart. No thank you, I don’t smoke anymore.

I am 30 yrs old, I used to take alcohol and smoke for last 10 yrs. Identify your reasons for quitting smoking.

I’m suffering from gastric problem and I think dis article is a great help for me! Antidepressants may increase the risk of suicide in persons younger than 25. Basically this is to citrus effect.

Also reduce spices in your diet. Throw out the rest of the pack. Ramesh: Your problem could be related to gastroparesis or IBS.

HI SIR, I HAVE GASTRIC PROBLEM PAST 10 YEARS. Then take 2 to 3 glasses of water in the early morning, when you get up. And some other times, the gas passes through the rectum and the bacteria present there, add their infamous gases like sulphur which causes really bad smell.

I have taken unani medicine. No proper explanantion was given by him as well.

Plan lots of dates with friends. Go for a walk, brush your teeth, do something. I have sometimes a mild pain in the liver side sometimes,is this serious?

Click the View full text link to bypass dynamically loaded article content. He refered me to general physician and he gave a medicine for vertigo. If the BMI is less than 30, there is no problem.

3 years i am suffering from serious gastric problem. Eating too quickly and too much can cause indigestion. Doctor please find me solution for me. And a pain in the chest.

If it is negative, then see that you don’t get food back into your oesophagus. 5 to 10 secs and i am feeling like something stuck in my throat. Put those thoughts aside for now.

Don’t hang out with smokers. That’s like a crack addict hanging out with crack addicts.

Eating oranges or grapes helps immediately. Also lot of drinking water, doing mild walking can help.

I have gas problem daily suffering. 6years am suffering from this problems.

But a few things I can suggest. My Hindi is poor, so I’m not replying in Hindi. I’ve tried many medicines but no improvements. Having problem while sollowing food.

But if you are young, better exercise and have control on your diet. More the gas relieved, less the pain. Don’t think about quitting forever. YANDAPALLI BRAHMAJI: It could be due to improper in-digestion.

Get out of the house. DEBOJIT ROY: You try to do some Yoga and find some relaxation techniques. Also make a proper meal plan and see which foods are causing gas. I get relief from the pain after releasing the gas.

It is also a psychological addiction. RECENTLY I AM SUFFERING FROM RIGHT LUNGS PAIN AT THE LOWER PART. Sir I have every time gas in my stomach .

PHIR KHANE KI BHI ICHA NAHI HOTI. But still suggest some tips which might help me. I am also suffering from this pro blem.

Also please go through the natural remedies which can help reduce gas. 4-5 years, he is 29 years old,5. How Safe is Nicotine Replacement Therapy? Some can be used along with nicotine replacement therapy.

19 years old some times i feel omit,i have a gas pain at my left side. If it still persists, consult a neurophysician. Do you want to save money? Isn’t it time you said – enough?