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Surely having only a few drags or half a cigarette a day couldnt be too harmful – will we be better for quitting? For more information contact your midwife, you could try the smoking support numbers above.

I know that is still bad, this article was amazing! Now a healthy 23 yr old! Quitting smoking is very difficult; your baby and your pregnancy.

This is my first baby and I’m terrified. I smoke about 7 ciggs a day and about 12, and i was doing a project in English about Why smoking should be banned.

I would like to know if I’m the only one? For more information contact your midwife, doctor or National SIDS Council of Australia.

By following these simple steps it helps to reduce the incidence of SIDS. I smoke 2 a day. You need to tell your doc. I have heard that smoking can cause SIDS?

Discuss your concerns regarding smoking during pregnancy with your midwife or doctor. Im 8 weekz and found,out at,4 weeks, I didnt give uo stratwe away but now im on ma 4th day without a smoke after being a pak,a day for nerly 10 years.

I m 1 and half month pregnant. 18 weeks pregnant and yes I am still smoking. The earlier you start – the greater the benefits for you and your baby.

30 weeks pregnant and I quit smoking when I was 4 weeks pregnant and began moking again when I was 2 months. Disadvantaged smokers are less likely to be successful when trying to stop smoking than more affluent smokers. I am finding myself stressed and basically an emotional wreck everyday now. Will we be better for quitting?

Surely having only a few drags or half a cigarette a day couldnt be too harmful, I mean, If im feeling stressed after work I find having just a puff or 2 helps alot. I encourage everyone struggling to quit smoking to really put in an effort and try everything they can to quit.

Learned my lesson and don’t wanna let my child suffer in the future. I also suffer from anxiety and have to stop the meds too so its not going to be easy but I know it’s going to be easier to go through any stress of quitting now before I have a baby to think about too , and plan to combat the anxiety with exercise and yoga.

I know that is still bad, But it that better then actually smoking more then what i usually do? Dionica it is best for your baby if can quit today – continuing smoking will harm your baby.

Hi, i am writing this to all giving up smokinggreat job. 202,084 records of smokers in England who attended a NHS Stop Smoking Service between July 2010 and June 2011 were acquired. The more a woman smokes the greater the weight reduction. I am 20 weeks pregnant and trying to quit smoking, the last couple of days i have cut down and plan to come to a complete stop by next week.

Now a healthy 23 yr old! I do not know if I can keep up not smoking, as I feel it’s doing more damage then good. For instance did you know that cigarette smoke contains 2000 components. Hi Sabrina – it is great you are trying to cut down and I know that it is difficult to stop smoking.

I just found out I’m 4 weeks pregnant I have stopped smoking since but am worried I’ve already harmed the baby? I also suffer from anxiety and depression and used smoking as my coping mechanism. Can smoking affect my pregnancy? I am finding it difficult to stop smoking.

I suffer from depression as I have lost 2 babys in miscarge before. I just found out I’m five weeks pregnant and I’ve been smoking up til this point because I had no idea. Further research is required to explore why most groups of smokers who attended services staffed by nurses were less likely to quit than those who received treatment from other types of advisors.

Im Cathy, and i was doing a project in English about Why smoking should be banned. The best thing you can do for your pregnancy is to stop completely. I just cannnnnttttt seem to stop smoking its like my body cravessss it. Yes, smoking can affect pregnancy.

I am wondering if, say, I started smoking again after 20 wks would my baby be less likely to develope most problems because majority of the forming has been done in the previous weeks? I had 3 more and smoked again through pregnancy and all healthy youbgest now 13yes ALL HEALTHY!

Stop people from smoking in the house, car or anywhere near the baby. But not as much as I smoke before. I have my OB appointment in two weeks.

Hi Geraldine – It can be really difficult to stop smoking but the rewards are worth it. It is known that if you are able to stop smoking in the first half of your pregnancy, that by the time of birth the baby will be close to normal size. I have managed to reduce the amount I smoke, will this have a positive effect?

5 to 6 weeks and i smoke and i cant seem to quit does anyone have any advise? Keep up the good work! One of the most concerning effects of smoking during pregnancy is that the baby’s growth is restricted. I rarely ever drink smoking I did everyday but as I said I quit as soon as I saw a positive.

I’m 18 weeks and 3 days pregnant and these past few days I have started smoking again. I feel happy that I have done this. My last cig was last week.

So I really strongly stress to all pregnant women who smoke to try everything you can to quit smoking. I am 8 months pregnant and I just started back smoking due to high levels of stress, is my baby still at high risk for any complications or defects even though I am almost due ? I smoke about 7 ciggs a day and about 12-15 on Friday sat and sun each night.

I just wanna know will it harm my baby next time i have another puff? Smoking while 3 weeks prego .

I only smoked about 6-8 smokes a day previously. 19 and 59 in England.

Maternal cigarette smoking: The effects. If so what should I do? I think there is just too much paranoia surrounding this subject these days. The findings suggest that open groups should be promoted, although they may not be as effective as other forms of behavioural therapy for the long-term unemployed or prisoners.

However giving up smoking is very challenging. Smoking would be kept to a minimum of course. These substances have been found to cross the placenta and reach the baby. If you are smoking your doctor needs to know!

I’m 26 weeks pregnant today and can’t seem to quit smoking. The increased rate of chest infections and blood clotting disorders is of particular concern.

I didn’t really crave the nicotine until bedtime, and I just used my first nicotine gum today to help with a craving. Quitline is a telephone information and advice or counselling service for people who want to quit smoking. I know with my first child I found out I was pregnant at 4 weeks and smoked till 6 weeks and after that I just felt sick smoking so I stopped for 4 months then puffed every now and then on a smoke and she is fine and healthy no issues with her!

I know someone who’s mother smoked heavily while she was pregnant with him and now he has major behaviour issues and had to go to a behaviour control school for a year because of his mother smoking while she was pregnant. You don’t have to do this alone.

My name is Faith and I am at 20 weeks and still smoking. There has been associations made between pregnant women smoking and increased chance of cleft lip, cleft palate, problems with bowel, eyes, ears and spinal cord. Any help or advice is needed. Smoking increases heart rate, increases blood pressure and depresses the nervous system.

However there is no safe level of smoking. You can also call the Quitline on 131 848. 2 months pregnant and she smokes maybe twice a week, will it harm the baby?

I just found out I’m about 5 weeks pregnant and I’ve been smoking. Hi Samantha – are you able to talk through your feelings with someone you trust? 2nd baby i quit smoki while pregnant and guess what she was born and sucfered asthma for ywars, grew out of it. However it’s far better to stop all together for you and your developing baby.

I’m katerina and I am13 years old and i am doing a project on smoking is bad for pregeneant women and i have to say this really helped my investigaition alot! Stopping smoking without the use of nicotine patches is the best way to go as your baby isn’t being exposed to nicotine through the crucial developement phase.

I’m 5 weeks pregnant been smoking for 13 years I’ve cut back quite a bit but want to quit. Hi Carly – It is fantastic news that you have stopped smoking since you’ve found out your pregnant.

What color is the sky on a clear day? Hi, Jane this site is great and really encouraging!

I feel bad about it all the time and I kept telling myself I would quit before I got out of week 14, I don’t smoke as much as I used to, but at the most I could smoke almost half a pack. I feel so guilty and increasing worried that Im going to do serious harm but i just cant seem to control it. I’m 8months pregnant and I smoke 10 cigi’s a day cant seem to stop I crave smoke all day every day.

Smoking at any time is not good for the baby. Help me as I have completely got to happiness left in me,.

We plan to get pregnant in the near future so I’ve decided to quit beforehand, now! I used some of the key points on the affects of smoking during pregnancy for my year 10 Health and Human Development subject. Hi Im 10 weeks pregnant now and have been smoking the whole time.