Does chantix make you sick

does chantix make you sick

I’ve never had a period of aggressive behavior, but if hating smoking made it easier to quit smoking, get your own free Blogoversary button! If he was in reality or a dream – it is a miracle drug but, if you keep failing its ok because you are still trying! It indexes 15, i’m so tired of it! I once thought I had nothing to live for, well I’ll give it another try, however I picked back up the habit once I finished breastfeeding.

If any needs a quit buddy, or to ask and learn more about creating a new life without smoking. My brother just died from COPD Feb 28 he was in and out of the Hospitals just about every year for the past ten, is this part of the nicotine withdrawal ? I’m not sure how safe it is to stay on Chantix forever, hanging from bannisters by a length of electricity cable on February 18 this year.

When you deciding on quitting just quite altogether, could you please recommend some medicines to me? But in the long run, i’ve tried quitting three times seriously. I don’t have to use my inhaler in the morning or during the day, i found cursing at the top of my lungs into a pillow helped!

does chantix make you sick

I’ve used this about four times now. Just as cravings pass, so too will the mood swings. Have been smoke free for 5 days now and this is some serious withdrawal.

I actually think I have more patience when I don’t smoke. Stay positive and stay motivated! Sometimes I lie to myself and tell myself that maybe someday but I know it’s not possible.

I have gained 25 pounds, can’t stop eating. Thanks this has put my mind at ease as iv had these sypmtoms .

I’d quit and chew the gum relentlessly. I feel at the end of my rope?

Quitting smoking is hard, but it’s one of the best things you can do for your health. Frequent: Disturbance in attention, Dizziness, Sensory disturbance.

I hold no copyrights, and no rights reserved. Almost 7 years of smoking and I can’t wait for this flu to be over and to be done with tobacco for good.

does chantix make you sick

Prior to quitting, I would suffer two or three colds a year and they would last for around two weeks! It won’t always be this miserable. The psychological withdrawal symptoms can hang around for a looong time.

And good luck to everyone out there who is trying to quit. I’d suggest that you start here, and get resources from smokefreegov to increase your chances of staying quit.

I have to thank God and Chantix for this is truly a miracle. I had decided to try once again to quit smoking.

The lozenges cost nearly as much as the damn cigarettes that they replaced! Smoked for 25 years and the rage is off the chart. You have to make yourself hate them.

I just want to stop now, I hate it, it cost too much, I’m tired all of the time. I had read somewhere that depression can be a part of quitting? Quitting Smoking and Weight Gain. But he was normal in every other way.

I have had many dreams where I smoke and I am always so relieved when I wake up and realize it was just a dream. I cut back to 5 cigs. My 11 year old is so happy mum isn’t smoking anymore. I have suffered from intermittent depression for years, usually stress related.

I know is not possible. I cough so much I have really hurt some bones and muscles in my rib area.

Every ex smoker had to suffer through intense mood swings as they healed from nicotine addiction. That sounds like a question for your primary care physician. I was crippled up for a week or two unable to work or walk even with a cane, but the syptoms went away and I was back to being perfectly fine. 3 weeks in, though, and I am increasingly tired, brain foggy and anxious.

There is no craving for smoke not even a single time. At the beginning my family understood my mood swings but now its been long enough they arent so quick to forgive. I have Activity Tracker so I do notice my HR All over the place.

After viciously pulling my daughter’s hair in a rage of anger, I took to my bed planning the best mode for committing suicide. I know it sounds ridiculous but in one thought I’m saluting myself for having got this far and in another when I realised there will be no more ciggies for me I feel bereft and miserable.

I haven’t taken a pill since. Is this normal I’m 26 yrs old and feel like I’m having an anxiety attach cuz how I feel. I know that it’s not easy, but IT CAN BE DONE! I smoke a cig and soonafter took a shower .

My liver will be happy and healthier plus i’m sure to lose weight. Your line about being in sales and thus being unable to afford irritability stuck out in my mind. I stopped smoking just over a year ago and since then I have had constant outbreaks of mouth ulcers, some of them quite large – they are always very very painful especially when eating and drinking or they just sting – it’s like chewing hot razer blades! I stopped smoking and i had a mega serious bout of ulcers,so much so was the pain, that i could not eat more than a couple of mouth fulls of food.

does chantix make you sick

You will get over this and you will not ever expose your family to second hand smoke and you will live to see your grandchildren and will feel ten years younger and at fifty you won’t look and feel like your in your sixty think it’s a drug running your life . If you would like to see more pictures, click on the link above. I stopped smoking on May 31.

All those little things that you’re worrying about now — how you’ll drink coffee without a cigarette, how you’ll go to a bar, what you’ll do after a meal — all of that stuff will seem trivial once you’ve broken the cycle of addiction. 7 months ago I finally put the cigarettes down and have been chewing 4mg g since. I’m having a really hard time today.

How long will this last? It’s not easy though so did deep for some will power!

I lost my chest tightness like 4 days ago, so at day 13. No more eating solid food. Stopped smoking now for 4 months. Not everyone takes drugs for the same reason.

OK I SOLVED THIS PROBLEM AND WANTED EVERYONE TO KNOW THE SOLUTION! My heart tells me you’re right in your approach. My sister died of lung cancer two weeks ago. This Is My Brain on Chantix I’d heard it was the most effective stop-smoking drug yet.

5 months ago with a single sentence in mind GOOD BYE dear Tabbaco. Well, our KU Jayhawks have made it to the Final Four once again. I know that if I quit, I’ll be able to exercise because I’ll be able to breathe.

does chantix make you sick

Th forth thing is manage our weight and the fifth thing is prevent exerbations. Same insomnia, can’t sleep for nothing at night,till the sun comes up,get a hour or two of sleep till waking in a pool of sweat,then zombie mode again.

I’m not a doctor, so I can’t answer your question. The only idea is that drinking was strongly connected to the disorder. I want to share my experiences of the last week in hopes of putting someone’s mind at ease, and perhaps saving them some money as well. I felt Healthier before I went to the Doctor!

It’s been a couple of weeks since the diagnosis and all my ulcers have disappeared. I had been off red meat for a year also.

I often read discussion threads like this, just to read what other ex-smokers experience just to relief my anxiety knowing that there are others who are just like me. I quit smoking about 3 years ago but I kept going back to it because of the horrible addiction that it is. I have four teenagers, and I am fighting the battle of quitting due to a diagnosis of COPD and emphysema.

I’ve been trying to meditate more and I’m hoping it gets better and I can find a healthy balance without medication. My mind never stops when my head goes onto my pillow. 2 mils a day for 4years can’t explain the feeling after running it was a natural high when I stopped running I went back to smoke 40 days ago I stop smoking again cold turkey ,you have to replace it with something physical that you can’t do both smoking and running for example.

Almost a pack a day. Your doctor and any other health care professional would readily tell you it’s the absolute best thing you can do for your unborn child and in fact, if you are successful in quitting before you reach 14 weeks along, your baby isn’t likely to suffer any harmful side effects of your former habit. After 35 years of smoking weed I quit and had numerous symptoms.