Does chantix make you nauseated

does chantix make you nauseated

I want to swim as I used to, i think I’ve found a true use for my microwave since abandoning it after finding out about how bad nuked popcorn is, now I see it as a natural result of stopping smoking yesterday. And of course none of these side effects are useful when trying to help others, i believe it’s just a question of expecting this second wave of cravings. It took about 2, 100mg i still had a resting pulse of 90 so its hiding the symptoms and not he cause? When I would go to a lower dose nicotine patch is usually when I when get like that and smoke, something enrages me and I’m distracted and can’t get anything done.

NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF, i took Chantix and it worked great! The effect of Pristiq on me was poor judgement – i just made the connection. The GP who intially prescibed the drug has retired and I am seeing a nice young dr who suggested I stop taking it and while I wanted to; i only take one 1mg Chantix in the morning. I have noticed a quite distinct improvement in libido the last couple of days and it’s dawming on me that fags were actually really undermining my vitality, no side effects, i’m on day two of quitting.

I don’t know if this is normal and when it will get better, I can say that I have smelt the smell of smoke from cowokers and it make me wanna gag, just saying any advise people? So I went back to smoking for years. I’ve only had morning medication for the past almost three years.

Continued to smoke same as usual the first week of treatment. Its all in how will make your mind set. Panic disorder, thats what they tell me i have. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or dial 911 immediately.

Once the nausea is over, try to eat well and take lots of vitamins, especially in the B family and Fish Oil. I found no cognitive way to relieve the tension that builds up and accumulates as a result of trying to abstain from something your body is screaming for. Today is the third day.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me! Good luck all, thanks for sharing.

My lungs are pretty much a disaster area as walking up one flight of stairs takes a toll. Frequent: Liver function test abnormal, Weight increased.

Natalia, I am doing just great. 107 more days to go. Have withdrawn from the site now. This Pill has changed my life and not for the better.

I have HYPOTHYROIDISM and have to take a medication called Synthroid for the rest of my life! So I decided to check this out for myself and here is what I have found out. I have good days and bad, but every day, I feel like I lost who I am. I have to go check my calculator for how many days now.

I am so happy after I quit smoking becoz after the organs are recovering and enjoying good health. They said it was from not taking my Thyroid meds like I was suppose to. The fact is, it isn’t the mood swings, irritability and anger that cause a quit to fail, but rather, the quitter’s lack of preparedness and planning around how to effectively manage this aspect of their quit smoking campaign. Regular exercise, deep breathing and meditation.

I took Pristiq for 2 weeks then quit cold turkey. Any comments or anyone taking something like Dramamine ? Begin a diary so you can note your transition and it’s very revealing, even encouraging when you read back over everything!

I don’t miss the smell or the nicotine film that was on everything I owned. We have come too far to quit on ourselves now. I feel very low, easily get angry, have a great fear of something that doesn’t happened yet which triggers my anxiety and even to the point of depression I think. After about a month-and-a-half I was having major stomach problems getting three and a half hours sleep a night.

I can tell you that the withdrawals from this medication are very fierce. And I guess it is surely worth a shot! Off cigs in 9 days! I have argued a lot with my girlfriend and it’s hard to know if that’s due to the withdrawal or just legitimate relationship issues .

Not enjoying this quitting t all. I am on day five and I am about ready to jump out of my skin! My biggest support is this site.

The two weeks prior to this I had tried to stop cold turkey and that one one of the worst decisions of my life. 30 days without smoking I am completely crazy mood swings are horrible.

I am enjoying getting more excercise and my husband has been very, very patient with me. It took you a long time and a lot of work to get there. This too shall pass is what I tell myself.

I see her perspective, sure, but like another person said, they cover Vaigra and other unneccesary drugs. Are you sure this is worth it? Especially now, all those New Year’s Resolutions to quit smoking, and now they can.

Create as much a personal space as possible, especially during the early stages. T Jackiec06 in the comments a day or two back for this video, which seems to suggest that 30 seconds in a microwave neutralises the chemicals used to make Fire Safe Cigarettes. Here is a Quick List of Quit Smoking sites on the internet. I have periods of depression which my psychologist thinks are a byproduct of the anxiety.

I just want to feel normal for my family and not lose my very important job. EMC 2008 All Rights Reserved.

Did try to quit several times before but relapsed all of the times mostly for the REASON that my reason to quit was not strong enough. I am still very grateful that I had Chantix to help me through those times. For me, however, it took a while.

Tried to quit, but found myself stuck at 2-4 cigs a day for the last five years. I am crabby with my kids and I hate it.

The active ingredient in Chantix was invented by scientists in labs in Groton, Conn. Just thought I’d post and distract myself for a few minutes. The cravings for the cigs themselves are all but gone.

I make sure I take the Chantix after I have eaten and with a full glass of water. Day 8 of not smoking. I gained a lot of weight on a diff med.

It is not helping that we are going through other issues related to the poor economy. I would never suggest this drug to any one.

Like I have a choice or control over when I will quit. Wow, so glad I saw this site today.

Anything that engages your hands and your mind. HOWEVER WE ARE AT EACH OTHER’S THROATS pretty much all of the time. I ran out 3 days ago, and have had no time to pick up my prescription. I sleep like a champ.

I have been off of the Chantix for four weeks and off of cigarettes for 154 days. But if it’s covered by insurance, cool!

MY SMOKING EXPERIENCE IS 1. Talk to health experts and other people like you in WebMD’s Communities. I am the partner of a quitter. I have supported him thru this process before, yet each time, he started again, This time, he ended up in the ER with respiratory infection and he quit cold turkey.

Today is my day 8 of cold turkey. Never venture into the world of psychological medicines, avoid it. Oh, and the Psychiatrist wrote the prescription with a Pristiq logo pen. Watch what you eat and put lots of nutrients into your body because that will help with the healing process.

EN HAPPY WE DON’T HAVE NICOTINE KILLING US. It took a while, but now I am home free. And btw, pristique is one of the only antidepressant that does not.

I have my self-esteem back. Lots of issues including addict son, family deaths, physical health etc. Jacqui, I also have these exact same sensations.

Fire safe cigarettes are a joke. With the money I saved from not smoking, I am buying myself a new flat screen TV as a reward to myself. She also said it wouldn’t cause weight gain. Then Friday, I had a fully blown depression episode of crying and not being able to stop.

I have two children so it makes it hard for me to deal with my anxiety with the constant feeling of fainting. History tends to repeat itself. I don’t need to make myself or anyone else suffer because of this decision.

How long should the stuttering last? I am ready to start smoking again life was alot more fun. Invest in quality vitamins, a genuine Naturapath and surround yourself with supportive friends and relatives. Another scam in the market by the drug companies.

I was suppose to be on a temporary pristiq treatment, then go of them slowly. I am starting an exercise program tomorrow since I’m eating everything in site, maybe that will help with the mood swings too.

Hang in there, it can be done. Luckily by that time he had stopped wanting my breast milk and I was a good candidate for ADs, due to my health and circumstances. I’ve been on pristiq for three years after Effexor and plan to do the switch soon.

The doctor put me on some anxiety meds for the evenings. I am so surprised your nurse was so blaze about it! He has tried many times to quit but this is the first time I’ve been around him while he was quitting. I’m sure I was skipping to the car and could not stop smiling.

If the headaches are extreme or do not go away, seek medical advice. Now that I have quit smoking they are big turds! Hello,l am now on day 38 of weedless confusion.

I also have experienced the numbing sensation in the back of the head or neck area. What is the Number One Way to Beat Nicotine Addiction? I get like 3 -4 mild cravings a day.

I stopped smoking for almost 4 months. I started to remember them more often and i don’t remember them as being nightmares. Smoked for little over 15 yrs.

I spent a lot of time just staying away from ppl and a lot deep breathing. I blame my depression on tramadol, and will now need a crutch all my life. Does anyone experience something like this before?

I thought, oh gosh he forgot the Chantix. I have the same symptoms just tired all the time and a near constant headache. I used nicotine chew gums for 4 days and thought I the gums are not different than cigarettes if you are addicted to nicotine. Not as bad but still there.

Use painkillers such as Aspirin and Paracetamol as directed. He eventually put it out, but was particularly resentful- was this a very very bad idea? I walked out of the office on January 3, 2005 and never have or wanted to smoke again.

I’m at day 41 cold turkey withdrawal from 300mg a day. Pristiq even though it did work. It does end up being a tax deduction so at least I will see some of it back at year’s end. Does 30 sec Microwave Fix FSC?

It isn’t the mood swings, irritability and anger that cause a quit to fail, but rather, the quitter’s lack of preparedness and planning. Have you managed to stay off the Pristiq?

One must find something humorous to laugh at while the thunder rolls! As I’m writing this I have been calming myself over the last 4 hours, just enough to be able not to scream at anyone.

I’ve been on Pristiq for over a year now, and I think it has literally saved my life and my family. I am a nurse and happen to be taking myself off pristiq right now. The only side effect I still struggle with is irritability.