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It’s the best mint flavor of any brand we’ve tried. After eating lunch with the Boss, it’s a great product and really cool substitute for regular cigarettes.

I just got my new V2 in the mail a few days ago, ohm atomizer is perfect for VG blends and will allow you to get those huge clouds you’re looking for. It isn’t very portable, i saved a ton of money too so there is that added benefit. I call and explain the problem, they had absolutely no concern with keeping me as a client the second I had a problem.

And spending hundreds of dollars on brand after brand, i love my V2 products. And regarding their customer service, i finally quit smoking after 20 yrs, but worth it. The only e – nice style and amazing vapor amaount when using manuel batteries.

I smoke Misty Lights 120s, i give massive credit to v2 for setting me up with the new battery and not a lot of questions. The V2 Standard E – cigarette industry and we’re constantly impressed by how many of our readers have positive things to tell us about them on the site. If you factor in the price of yourfrustration and irritation, i keep one tucked under my keyboard at work or in my pocket. I don’t know about other cigs out there, although the price might scare some of you, go with V2.

I smoked about 1 pack a day and if I drank a little more. Cartridges are cheaper than buying cigarettes and the health benefits compared to smoking analog cigarettes are worth the cost alone!

Also, the EX cartridges have a leak-proof construction, meaning you’ll never have to worry about any of their e-liquid seeping out of the cartridge. I highly recommend V2, for your health, your family, for your grandkids, you will be glad you did, not to mention the savings. I finally found V2 Cigs on this website and it changed my life immediately. I was skeptical because of all the things I’ve tried, but I’m telling you this is as good as it gets.

Now let’s see for how long it will last after charging. It’s hard to draw and I can’t taste the nicotine. For me it is the most reasonable purchase and I will continue to buy from them regardless of any shortcomings they may have since they actually seem to care about their clients. I ordered v2 cigs on nov.

Did you find this review helpful? I found the taste intolerable and spit it out immediately.

This cartridge is compatible with V2’s Classic and EX batteries, so there’s no need to purchase any additional equipment to be able to use it. I only tried two flavors. I don’t know about other cigs out there, but remember you get what you pay for.

Every single person I have talked too has been VERY friendly, acted happy to help, and was sympathetic. V2 classic batteries are available in automatic and manual in Black, Blue, Pink, Stainless Steel, and White. Their customer service department is amazing. I have smoked for 30 years regularly and have tried everything.

After a few months, I was able to eliminate the REAL cigarettes. I got my friend Cora one for Christmas but I gave it to her early because I knew it would help her quit too. James, Jane, and I have all put their products to the test to ensure they are of a high caliber quality and all of us were impressed with the way the V2 Cigs products held up. Even better, you tend to get more vapor out these than the typical V2 cartridges.

I have read where some had problems with V2’s shipping times and I can say that I have never had any problems at all. They also offer greater flavor options by offering special limited run flavors. I am enjoying my life knowing that after 30 years of having a nasty habit, I have changed my life for the better. T- 18 hours till I get my travelers kit!

Might work for a marb smoker but my favs are lucky strike and american spirit. I was extremely nauseated and couldn’t do anything but lay very still until it passed. Although the price might scare some of you, in the long run in one month it will pay for itself and then more. It simply would not turn off after taking a puff.

We’ve never seen an e-cig quite like these. I got the black batteries and yeah they do look very nice.

All in all, the V2 is an excellent value whether you plan on switching over or quitting totally. I also suggest using the 80 cart.

Honestly it tastes much better than most other cups of coffees sold in my area. My concern is that I bought Green Smoke and not satisfied.

So I was so excited when ordering the V2 kit and starting on the road to recovery from regular cigs. Then you can step down if you need. When we moved the RV after a week I found the battery under one of the tires AND IT STILL WORKS!

This might not be a good option for someone with small hands. It also comes with 2 atomizers: standard and sub-ohm, so you can choose exactly how you want to use your new vaporizer.

In many cases you get what you pay for, however that is not the case with V2 Cigs. The vapor production from classic V2 Cigs kit is amazing. I would suggest that you get an extra battery so that you can charge one and puff on the other. If you’re looking for an e-cig that will give you the maximum amount of vapor, the V2 Power-Cig is for you.

The first time I substituted 10ml bottles after not hearing from them for some time, which cost extra. I give massive credit to v2 for setting me up with the new battery and not a lot of questions.

A petty issue considering that postage was only 80 cents or so. They also run special flavors from time to time.

I am adamant that my husband and son also start on the V2! But I have been cigarette free for 7 days now and I don’t miss smelling like a cigarette at all. I honestly do not miss cigarettes at all! The have lightning fast shipping.

That didn’t go over well with my boss. I think they could improve their chargers some as I had one stop working on me within the first two weeks.

V2 Cigs is the best electronic cigarettes out on the market! I’m an extremely happy customer right now and am glad that this product works for me and I will continue to use it until I eventually quit smoking for good! I HAVE BEEN SMOKING FOR 44 YEARS AND I HAD A LUNG FUNCTION TEST PERFORMED BY MY PRIMARY CARE PHYSICIAN AND THE RESULTS SHOCKED ME. They allow for great customization in the range of power and battery length options available.

V2 gave me the chance. Lifelong smoker here and I was pretty leery of the whole ecig option, but my wife insisted I give it a go.

I purchased the Traveler Kit about 2 months ago and I couldn’t be happier with it. Right now I think I will stay where I am for a month or so before stepping down. I have never tried another brand of e cigs so I cannot compare it to anything else.

V2 has some awesome flavors called Black Note that I love more than cigarettes now. The V2 has me, of several decades of smoking, a non smoker! USB wires in case this happens to you.

Make sure to check out their wide variety of e-liquid flavors on V2’s website, which feature e-liquids from V2, Zig-Zag, XEO, Black Note, and Vape Bartender. I ordered just after 6pm CST on a Wed, bumped delivery time up one from USPS to Fed Ex ground and had my package the following Tue afternoon.

I reviewed the V2 ecig on June 18 2011. Thanks to V2 I can vape without feeling guilty when I am in the house.


He was very skeptical and thought the whole thing was going to be a huge waste of my money. After a week, I didn’t even have a desire to smoke anything but the V2.

It’s just better than any of the other ecigs I tried. I don’t think that it’s necessarily inferior to other ecig products, but I just don’t get what the hype is about.

These have been great for that! It features a 2mL tank that is capable of using PG or VG blend e-liquids, giving you hundreds of flavors to choose from.

These are perfect for people who are routinely multitasking, since you never have to worry about pressing down on a button. 2 months now and i’m never changing back. The Vertx Plus also features a touch-screen on the front of the device, which allows you to change the voltage and the brightness. My only regret is that I didn’t buy a bigger starter kit.

I have been using the USB to charge on my computer. One day I got a text from my daughter telling me about the deal for an e-cig starter kit on an online site that offers deals on an assortment of products and the V2 Starter Kit was the item.

I ordered a 25ml bottle of liquid that was back-ordered by V2 on both orders. Nothing really worked because I enjoy the process of smoking. When using the EX kit, you’ll have no light on the tip, just dots at the end of the e-cig indicating how much battery is left, which is a great feature to have so you aren’t stuck guessing.

A close friend of mine had one at the bar, and I was skeptical, but I took a puff. The vapor is thick and it gives you that good throat hit that I just really missed from my old cigarettes. My neighbor introduced me to V2 and after extensive research I decided to stick with this brand. In fact they sent me an extra five pack for the inconvenience.

I always smell fresh, no smokers breath in the morning, and my skin is looking better. The claims of these things lasting more than a day mystifies me.

That is what you get with these e-cigs. V2 did replace the battery but now expects me to bear the return shipping.

The only problem that I see they have is delivery of product. However, they could have sent me a pre-paid envelope or agreed to refund shipping if they determined the battery was in fact defective.

The battery, not the cartridge although you could hear the cartridge sizzling until disconnected. It’s been a great experience, and I definitely recommend V2 Cigs. It’s been a while, I have not heard from them about the order which is paid for.

EX batteries are now available in Opal, Brushed Steel, Matte Black, Blue Pearl, and Rose Gold. If you’re looking for more flavor options, the EX Blanks work great with the wide range of e-liquids on V2’s website. The sub-ohm atomizer is perfect for VG blends and will allow you to get those huge clouds you’re looking for. However, after 3 months, one of the batteries literally burnt my hand.

Oh my god, what was I showing my 3 yr old grand daughter. I have tried many different ways to quit smoking over the years and nothing worked! V-cig is a great product,well made,and have many cart flavors.

V2 just released their new variable wattage mod, the Vapor2 Trinity starter kit. Everyone around me who knew how much I loved to smoke is surprised that I have quit the nasty habit. The claims of these equaling a pack or more is just not true. If you’re looking for a battery that’s easy to use you should opt for the automatic batteries, since these are automatically activated when you inhale on the device.